“It started with the socks” in Canthius, issue 3

“Betrayal will do that to a body” in Canthius, issue 3

“Colossi, paper, roses–and so on.” in the Hart House Review, issue 25

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“, just the absence of” in text, issue two

book reviews & non fiction

Duke by Sara Tilley

Swing in the House by Anita Anand

One Hundred Days of Rain by Carellin Brooks

Sophrosyne by Marianne Apostolides

A Matter of Gravity by Hélène Vachon

All Saints by K.D. Miller

Air Carnation by Guadalupe Muro

“On the Success and Failure of Literary Things” in (parenthetical), issue six

“On Legacy and Sentimentality” in (parenthetical), issue twelve