So you’re looking for an editor. That’s convenient: I’m available! If you’re curious about my education and professional experience, check out the CV section of my website. If you already looked at it and you still want to know more, please get in touch by e-mailing nicole (at) wordsonpagespress (dot) com. What am I available for? Great question.

  • Manuscript and short story evaluations (flat rate; inquire for details)
    • Brief–a short report, approximately one page, on the merits, marketability, and obstacles of your manuscript or short story
    • Detailed–a multi-page report with detailed notes on story, character, pacing, structure, and other small-scale elements of your manuscript or short story, as well as a big-picture look at the merits and marketability
    • Available for most genres, with a specialization in fiction
  • Stylistic and structural editing (hourly rate; inquire for details)
    • In-text edits, comments, and suggestions on organization, pacing, story, character, flow, language, etc. as well as a multi-page document of notes, impressions, questions, and clarifications
    • Available for short works (eg. short fiction, academic papers, essays) and manuscripts
  • Copy editing (hourly rate; inquire for details)
    • In-text edits, comments, suggestions, and queries relating to grammar, accuracy, consistency, and clarity
    • Available for short works (eg. short fiction, academic papers, essays) and manuscripts

Looking for something that’s not on the list? I’m a fairly flexible person who really enjoys working with writers in new and innovative ways so that the writing gets the attention it needs. If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for let’s chat and figure something out. So far, I have professional experience in editing short stories and essays as well as non-fiction, young adult, literary fiction, and sci-fi/fantasy manuscripts.


“Nicole Brewer copy edited the updated version of my best-selling book Grading the Teacher: A Parent/Teacher Guide, originally published by Penguin Books Canada. Nicole went above and beyond her mandate. She asked probing questions and made useful suggestions throughout the revised manuscript, and turned a keen eye to ensuring grammar, punctuation and meaning were correct and clear. She was respectful, professional, and timely throughout the editing process. Without any hesitation, I would recommend Nicole’s services to anyone who requires an end project that is well-written.”

— Nellie Jacobs, author of Grading the Teacher

“As an author just starting out, I was really nervous about working with a professional editor, but Nicole made it seem easy, and dare I say it… painless! She takes a unpleasant task (telling a newbie novelist what needs to be cut and changed) and makes it not only pain-free but interesting: lots of excellent explanation behind her reasoning, and I found myself nodding along to her Word edits. My novel is stronger for it, and I’ll be coming back to her with the sequel.”

–Victoria Feistner, author and graphic designer

“[Nicole] is thoroughly professional and delivers on time. What makes her special, I feel, is her commitment to the story. I believe this is the essential component of the editor/artist relationship. We often don’t agree and, as difficult as that can sometimes be for a writer, Nicole brings an intelligent and sensitive perspective to every element of the story that I have come to trust and respect.”

— Jim Read, author of the self-published short story collection Dispatches from the Belleisle